We provide an assorted range of products to the Subsea, Marine, and Offshore segments in the oil and gas industry.

Mooring Systems

  • MA5P Anchor – ideal to achieve minimum soil disturbance and deep penetration
  • MA5S Anchor – specifically designed to perform in hard soils
  • MA7P Anchor – a versatile anchor that can be used for a wide range of offshore platforms
  • Mooring Buoys – Surface Buoys, Parachute Buoys, Donut Buoys, Suitcase Buoys, Sub-surface Buoys, etc
  • Anchor Chain & Accessories – Studlink chains and Studless chains
  • Complete Mooring System
  • Mooring Ropes & Accessories – steel wire, shackles & connectors, polyester lines, etc.
  • Chain Tensioners

Floating and Submarine Hoses

  • Single Carcass Floating Hoses
  • Double Carcass Anti-Pollution Safety Hose
  • Double Carcass Floating Hoses
  • Free Flex Hoses
  • Short Spool Camlock Coupling
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Wire Rope Connector Flange
  • Installation Flanges
  • Short spool piece with four lifting lugs
  • Spool piece
  • Light weight blind flange
  • Tanker end assembly

Flowlines and Riser Systems

  • Long Length
  • LPG
  • Dock Hoses
  • Buoyancy Module
  • Spiral Guard
  • Connection Spool
  • Male/Female couplings
  • Breakaway coupling

Our Strategic Partners

We collaborate with local as well as international suppliers and providers from Singapore, UAE, Australia, and more so that we can procure for our clients the crème de la crème in the industry within their budgets. We work closely with our strategic partners so that the implementation of projects and supply of products could be carried out smoothly with precision.