We have a vision. Our vision is to become a prominent leader as well as a preferred service provider for Subsea, Marine, and offshore related solutions in the oil & gas industry. We aim to establish a strong footing in Malaysia first and thereafter expand our roots to other countries in the South East Asia region while training and utilizing that countries’ facilities and people. We aspire to be the most compatible partner who supply, support, and supplement the Subsea, Marine, and Offshore sectors in the oil & gas industry.


The Corporate Mission of the company:

  • We are committed to generate the highest possible yield on our shareholders’ investments.
  • We will not compromise on the quality of our work.
  • To train and raise the standard of competency in our workforce.
  • To keep safe the environment, people and assets under our control.
  • To ensure that the clients’ needs and interests are addressed at all times.


Dedication to Safety, Health and Environment

•  We are dedicated to the highest standards of health and safety practices in the execution, performance, and delivery of our services.
•  We pride ourselves in upholding ethical standards and realizing our corporate responsibility to the environment.
•  We build and maintain a safe and healthy corporate environment for our employees to work safe, work smart, and work responsibly.

Commitment in delivering Optimal Results for Our Clients

•  We believe in attunement – where we strive to both understand our clients and be understood by our clients.
•  We are committed in delivering the best clients’ experience in the way our clients always wanted by being MORE – more perspicacious to our clients’ need, more dedicated to our clients’ expectations, and more innovative to solve our clients’ problems.
•  We want to make our clients Look Good, Feel Good, and Gain Good.

Passion in Our Work

•  Passion propels us in our pursuit of excellence in our work.
•  Passion is what allows us to develop a record of leadership and strong corporate citizenship.
•  Passion drives us to walk the extra mile and to build things that last.


Find, Develop, Deliver.

The service and installation segments of the oil & gas industry are not only challenging but highly competitive. In such a market where supply exceeds demand more often than not, it is imperative to excel, to sustain, and to stand out. We believe in being efficient, excellent, and extraordinary. We offer solutions which yield safe and high quality end results, on time, and within budget. To achieve this and in line with our core values, we adopt a 3-pronged strategy

  • FIND the Right Solution
  • DEVELOP Innovative Techniques
  • DELIVER Consistent Results

Find the Right Solution

Develop Innovative Techniques

Deliver Consistent Results

Find the right solution

Our clients have their respective and different needs, priorities, and expectations. Therefore, we believe in customizing exclusive solution for each of our clients based on their individual requirements. We achieve this by the approach of ‘Asking the Right Questions, Finding the Right Answer’ in our constant and comprehensive technical discussions with our clients as part of our value-added services.

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