We provide an assorted range of services to the Subsea, Marine, and Offshore segments in the oil and gas industry.

Underwater Inspection,Repair and Maintenance

  • Subsea NDT & visual inspections of jackets & subsea structures using divers or inspection ROV
  • Subsea NDT & visual inspections of jackets & subsea structures using divers or inspection ROV
  • Subsea NDT & visual inspections of pipelines with inspection ROV
  • Subsea structural repairs using conventional or purpose made tooling & equipment
  • Pipeline repairs using conventional or purpose made clamps/connectors, sleeves, or other repair means.
  • Modification & repair of jackets and subsea structures using divers conventional tools or special tools
  • Installation of re-enforcement clamps or sleeves at platform legs/bracings
  • Anode retrofits on platforms or pipelines
  • Free span and scouring corrections using grout bags, rock dumps, support anchors, or other suitable means
  • Maintenance of loading systems
  • Full inspection, repair, and maintenance as-built reporting capability
  • Air and saturation diving related services

Marginal Field Solutions

  • SeaNova platform exclusively licensed from Ocean Resources Ltd. UK which is a steel/concrete hybrid self-installing Minimum Facilities Platform
  • Offshore buoys

Offshore Engineering,Transportation and Installation

  • Anchor & Mooring System design, engineering & installation
  • FPSOs, FSOs, & Storage Tankers hook-up
  • Towing & Station Keeping
  • MODUs
  • Installation and transportation of Riser Tower Moorings
  • Installation and transportation of Barges, Semi-subs, floating systems
  • Risers
  • Load testing services
  • Installation of slings and shackles
  • On-site rope installations

Surf & SubseaEngineering & Installation

  • SURF (Subsea Umbilical, Riser and Flowline) design & engineering
  • Installation of steel catenary risers, offloading hoses
  • Field life extension of subsea & mooring systems
  • Subsea Structure Installation which includes installation of subsea structures such as PLEMS, manifolds, valve skids, riser bases & mid-water arches, complete installation of Mooring Systems with suction piles, driven piles or conventional anchors for floating units, installation of offshore loading systems including floating & subsea hoses, etc
  • Flexible Pipeline Installation which includes load-out and transportation on reels or carousel, preparation of installation spreads, installation of flexible pipelines, pre-lay quality control
  • Rigid Pipeline Installation that covers load-out & transportation of project pipelines and materials, installation of rigid pipelines using DSV-based pipeline spreads, utilising either manual or automatic welding processes, pre-lay quality control
  • Installation of Umbilical’s & Cables that includes power cable installation, fibre-optic cable installation, platform hook-up to location, pre and post-lay testing
  • Shore approach & coastal works that cover landfall preparation and construction, trenching & burial activities, outfall construction

Marine and Vessel Related Services

  • ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) related services including ROV engineering for all types of ROV interventions
  • Inspection of subsea structures using ROV
  • ROV audits of chartered equipment
  • Rigid & Flexible Riser Installation which include platform preparation to receive riser, rigid riser transportation and installation, flexible/dynamic risers inclusive of ‘i’ or ‘j’ tubes, tie-ins using diver or diver-less intervention methods
  • Rigid & Flexible spool installations ranging from fabrication and transportation of rigid spools, installation of rigid pipe spools with flanged connections or remote sub-sea connector, tie-ins using diver or diver-less intervention methods
  • Subsea stabilization & protection

Drilling Tools Rental Services

  • Drill Pipe
  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
  • Drill Collars
  • Tubing (Test String)
  • Accessories
  • Pressure-Control Equipment